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Content Recognition Assistant

Intelligent AI Platform for automated recognition of defined images and sounds as well as objects and events in a TV stream.

About our system

Content Recognition Assistant is a system that enables identification and multifaceted use of information on different stages of TV stream lifecycle by companies that have direct influence on the processing of digital content.

It enables to detect such elements as:

  • logo and other characteristic images/objects,

  • images of personas,

  • characteristic elements of video and sound,

  • change of color and display ratio.

Simultaneous analysis of the above data enables, among other things, the precise setting of the real technical broadcast time of TV content against EPG (Electronic Program Guide) data. This solution makes the system stand out from the competition.
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Which industries can benefit from our offer?

Interactive TV

Content Recognition Assistant enables interactive TV providers to recommend certain content to end users, based on how much time they spend watching it.

Television recorder suppliers

The platform may be also used by the television recorder suppliers to store the recorded content, without any advertisements or other irrelevant material.

Marketing companies

Content Recognition Assistant may serve marketing companies, PR companies as media houses as a tool to identify any element such as a product/object, logo etc.

About us

In 1996 OKE was established in association
with international partners to improve and create user friendly IT solutions. Those who have had the chance
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OKE also develops its own projects in R&D. We have been working on innovative ideas since 2010, when we received funding from the European Union for the first time.

We are aware of the major role played by research
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